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Is This Really All There Is?

Tom Brehmer Careers, Taxing Times

Big Accounting hires the best and brightest from top schools. Not only do they require academic excellence, but they seek candidates who are well rounded with outside interests. Every accountant recognizes that the work is a grind but the experience is invaluable. But…when you hit the wall and the rest of your life starts looking more interesting than your cubicle, …

VPTax is a great place to work, learn and grow!

VPTax is a great place to work, learn and grow!

Song Jin Careers

The questions were fast and furious. “Why do you like tax? … How much do you really like tax?” That’s what it was like during my job interview … and even on my first day working at VPTax. As a graduate from Golden Gate University’s Master of Science in Taxation program, and with one year of experience at a local …

Building a Career at VPTax

Building a Satisfying Sales Tax Career

Alex Peter Careers

I can’t say enough about how working at VPTax is like a breath of fresh air. After five years in a corporate sales tax department and two years as a sales tax consultant with a major firm, I recently joined VPTax. I can already tell that working here is different from either prior experience. VPTax gives me the freedom, as …