This is You

You’ve been pretty successful in your own right but the daily grind leaves you feeling like a small cog in a big wheel. You’re fed up with the constraints of working for a tax company that does things “the old way.”

You would love to be part of a team that values teamwork while recognizing each individual’s contribution. You’re smart, motivated and keen to regain control of your own career. You are looking for a more agile role with a rapidly growing firm.

You think it would be stimulating to work on myriad projects with interesting clients from around the world.

This is VPTax

We are a professional services firm disrupting the big players in a traditional industry through superior technology, industry knowledge and innovative service delivery.

VPTax provides outsourced tax director and tax compliance services for a client base dominated by Bay Area growth companies.

This is definitely NOT you

The prestige of your employer is more important than the satisfaction of your customers.

You prefer traditional approaches to innovative methods.

Entrepreneurial thinking gives you a headache.

Comfort zone good, challenge bad.

This is Our Culture

VPTax is a passionate team of smart people on a mission to make our customers’ taxes as simple and easy as possible.

Our corporate culture is an alternative approach to tax. We are lean, non-bureaucratic, and hands-on. We know our customers personally, and they know us. We like working with our customers and they like us. Our staff turnover is low, as is our customer turnover.

We take tax seriously because we are experts at what we do. That being said, we don’t take ourselves all that seriously. You’ll never get bored at VPTax. We work across a number of different industries and specialties. There’s plenty of diversity in the work that comes across our desks.

For more than 20 years VPTax has carefully cultivated a culture that keeps our employees happy, and in turn keeps our clients growing and our firm successful.



Burlingame, CA


Burlingame, CA


Burlingame, CA


Burlingame, CA


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