Tax Returns

You’ll be happy to know that in the world of VPTax our preparation of your tax return is not priced as an open-ended service. To us, tax return preparation is the delivery of a finished product. Consequently, VPTax will quote you a fixed fee for your tax return preparation with no “gotchas”.

We are able to quote returns instantly based on specific metrics. We’ll ask you to provide us with your:

  • Revenues
  • Expenses
  • Number of legal entities
  • Domestic and foreign
  • Number of states in which you file

It’s our responsibility to properly quote on your tax returns and to perform the service profitably. As you can tell, we’re good at this.

Tax Advice

Tax advice is invoiced on an hourly basis at billing rates which are commensurate with the most appropriate level of experience of the VPTax professional.

Our billing rates are lower than big firm rates and are in line with most local accounting firms. As professional Tax Directors, our people have significantly more relevant experience than your traditional providers. We’ve done it many times before, which means we spend less time getting your answers.

How we do it for less

How we do it for less

What’s our secret to providing better value? Years of experience coupled with leading-edge processes and technology… most of them we designed and built ourselves.

You won’t pay for Big Accounting’s outdated model that eats away at you (on an hour-by-hour basis). And, you won’t pay for impressive office views. Instead, your taxes are prepared by experienced professionals who understand that every dollar matters.

What you get from VPTax is a highly organized, incredibly motivated group of tax professionals, armed with the best tools in the industry. Corporate Tax. Solved.

“We originally engaged VPTax because they were the lowest cost provider. We quickly realized that VPTax could provide us with a fully managed and scalable tax solution while providing high-quality client service. Working with Todd has been great – he provides us with pragmatic tax advice that allows us to strategically manage our risk.”

Robert Alverez, CFO/COO