Todd Suchevits

Tax Director & Principal

Representative Clients – Avinger, Blockcypher, Bloom Energy, Embark Trucks, Exponential Interactive, Juvo Mobile, Metromile Insurance, Oanda, Rippling

Fun Fact: Todd is fluent in French having lived and studied extensively in Belgium and France.

Stephen Day

Tax Director & Principal

Representative Clients – Altair Nanotechnologies, BigCommerce, Fractal Industries, Phunware, Recurly, ResMed, Room Choice, SimpleCitizen, The RealReal, Westward Leaning, Zero Financial

Fun Fact: When not serving his clients, Stephen can be found up the canyons of Utah on his motorcycle.

Tom Brehmer

Tax Director, Founder, semi-retired and Principal

Representative Clients – Gera Construction, Outset Medical, Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate, Super Ventures, The Valley Fund, Tectura, VerifyMe

Fun Fact: Tom founded VPTax more than 25 years ago — a true Silicon Valley veteran.

Shelby Eckroth

Tax Director (Pacific Northwest Lead)

Representative Clients – Activ Surgical Robotics, Barracuda, DripDrop Hydration, Fearless VR, Golden Whale Ventures, Incyte, MongoDB, Precise Automation, Shift Technologies, Startup Societies Foundation

Fun Fact: Shelby was a badminton champion in 9th grade.

Adam Beasley

Tax Director (Mountain West)

Representative Clients – 15Five, Beautiful Slides, Cogitai, Instrumental, Mattermost, Nubeva, Renegade Brands, Sudden Coffee, Summit Semiconductor, Tribal Planet, UrsaLeo, Utility API, Vivid Vision, Snowflake

Fun Fact: Adam is a huge fan of heavy metal music and plays the drums like a true metalhead!

Judah Fish

Contract Tax Director

Fun Fact: Judah takes a weekly pottery class making mugs, bowls and mistakes on the potter’s wheel.

Dave Brehmer

Director of Operations

All VPTax Clients – VPTax believes that Tax Directors are meant to do taxes and uses Operations Managers to handle the rest.

Fun Fact: Dave makes the best Buffalo wings west of… well, west of Buffalo!

Garima Gupta

Team Lead - Processing Center of Excellence

All VPTax Clients – Garima and her team prepare all tax return and provision workpapers and process all the tax returns.

Fun Fact: Garima likes to explore natural beauty of various locations in India and capture them with her camera.

Alex Lord

Director of Sales

VPTax Alliance Partners – Key contact and ongoing relationship manager for alliance partners.

Fun Fact: Alex spends weekends sking/ hiking in Utah’s mountains followed by stories and laughter with friends over Amarone and aged stilton!

Jeff Olson

Director of Sales

VPTax Alliance Partners – Key contact and ongoing relationship manager for alliance partners.

Fun Fact: Jeff is a bona fide beach rat, having visited beaches (from CA to HI) virtually every Sunday for 30+ years…

Join The VPTax Team

Join The VPTax Team

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