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Our Different Approach

Here at VPTax we're different, and not just because we are the only tax guys that wear jeans to work. We are different because we can explain super complex tax ideas in plain English. We use proprietary software and processes to streamline the efforts, and we price our work on a "fixed fee" basis. There are NO surprises from us and we think that’s pretty different.

Meet Your Tax Department

While the VPTax approach is new and fresh, our team members are experienced, skilled and usually pretty fun. You will be paired with your "VP of Tax" and from there, you have access to a team of pros that can handle anything you throw their way. Corporate Tax. Solved.

Tax News & Updates

Want to stay up on all things corporate tax? You may think we are about to push you to another website, you’d be wrong. We have curated the best corporate tax news and information for high-growth startups right here. We've got you covered, now go check it out!

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