Your (fractional) Tax Department

Your (fractional) Tax Department

“Build” your tax department overnight. VPTax will assign you a “VP of Tax”, assess your needs and begin serving as your tax department on a fractional, scalable basis immediately. You won’t be paying for time and talent you don’t need. VPTax can scale up (and down) as rapidly as your business changes. All your tax needs are bundled together and handled by a team of professionals that have the skill and experience to keep tax issues out of the way of your business’ growth.

One of the best features of having a fractional tax department is the no-surprises pricing. You’ll pay one flat fee that includes your corporate income tax returns, ongoing consultation, and regular feedback regarding tax topics that are relevant to your business and industry. We won’t “nickel and dime” you. Calls, notices, returns, consultations all covered by one low monthly fee.

If something “big” comes up (like an R&D study, transfer pricing agreements, sales tax audit, etc.) we will discuss and agree to the fees related to project work before you incur any costs! This is what we mean by, “Corporate Tax. Solved.”

Corporate Taxes, A La Carte

Here are the tax areas VPTax covers for growing businesses:

Corporate Income Tax


Compliance – Tax return preparation is the core of our business. We can prepare federal and state corporate income tax returns for most businesses in 10 days, guaranteed!

  • US Federal Forms 1120
  • Multi-state income tax returns
  • International information reporting (e.g., Forms 5471, 5472, 8825, FBARs, etc.)


Consulting – Sometimes, we need to go deep on certain tax topics. As your business grows, there may be a need to do a tax project now and then. When the time comes, we’ve got the solutions for:

  • R&D analysis, review, studies
  • NOL limitation (IRC §382) studies
  • Income tax nexus review, analysis and studies
  • International expansion, structuring, planning
  • Controversy (IRS and state audit) support
Accounting for Income Tax<br />(Provision under ASC 740)

Accounting for Income Tax
(Provision under ASC 740)

Preparation – VPTax leverages years of experience, leading-edge technology and streamlined processes to prepare the provision for income taxes to meet the requirements of FASB’s ASC 740. We provide:

  • Financial statement audit preparation (first-time audit)
  • Provision preparation
  • Tax-Related financial statement disclosures

Financial Audit Support – VPTax will interface with your auditors regarding the provision. Each audit firm has their own way of looking at the provision. We know their quirks because we “were them” at one point. We can keep the back-and-forth to a minimum by anticipating their questions and responding in a way they will recognize.

Corporate Indirect Tax

Corporate Indirect Tax

Compliance – We process sales, use, property, and escheat (unclaimed) property tax returns for all jurisdictions in the US. (Last count that was about 10,000, give or take a few…) We provide soft copy of the returns through our client portal for review. And we take advantage of “e-filing” wherever available. We’ve solved:

  • Sales/Use tax filings
  • Property tax filings
  • Escheat (unclaimed) property filings

Consulting – Indirect taxes are complex primarily due to the sheer volume of taxing jurisdictions. Our mission is to keep the complexity out of your business’ critical path — that means keeping both your time and tax payments to a minimum. We handle:

  • Nexus reviews, analysis and studies
  • Systems implementation and remediation
  • Sales/Use tax refund claims
  • Voluntary disclosure agreement filings and support
  • State and local tax assessment review and appeals

Non-US Direct and Indirect Tax – VPTax has a network of alliance partners throughout the world that can support your local (non-US) tax needs. Our network’s expertise includes local income taxes, transaction taxes like VAT, local credits and incentives and any other tax issue you can imagine. We’ve worked with these tax experts and trust them enough to refer them to our best clients, including you!

Funding, Financing and Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you’re raising a round of funding, seeking financing, a buyer or a seller, the last thing you want is a tax surprise during the process. It’s wise to have experienced tax support making sure things run smoothly. Here at VPTax we specialize in helping high-growth companies prepare for your key funding events and exit strategies.

Is your business funding and/or acquisition-ready?

Is your business funding and/or acquisition-ready?

This can be a daunting question for most companies, but with our help, you can be confident that your business is ready. VPTax is the seasoned Tax Director on your team – someone who’s been on a due diligence team and knows where your company needs to focus its tax efforts. You don’t have to waste time and money on things that don’t matter. VPTax will ensure you’re ready for that big opportunity whenever it comes knocking.

Acquisition assistance

Resource allocation is an issue for most tax departments. Headcount constraints may force in-house tax personnel to ask an accounting firm or a law firm for assistance with due diligence projects. These projects can be expensive and lack follow-through.

VPTax provides turn-key acquisition assistance. A seasoned team performs a thorough analysis of a target company’s tax positions, including income taxes, sales and use taxes, property taxes and payroll taxes.

Our acquisition service is thorough, including preparation of all current and delinquent filings as well as current and delinquent analyses, IRC Section 382 and credit incentive studies. To wrap it up, we also give you a comprehensive report that integrates pre-acquisition due diligence with post-acquisition implementation. Contact us today to learn more!

“VPTax is scalable as to cost and function. They provide tax filings in multiple jurisdictions at very affordable rates, and also provide high-level technical advice when that’s necessary.”

Jeff Mack

CFO at Outset Medical