VPTax is committed to the protection of all private information about our customers and prospects that we collect in the course of doing business.

Data Collection

Most modern websites, including ours, collect a basic amount of information from visitors. This data is routinely stored in a password-protected log file which is maintained by the company which hosts our website. The VPTax Website is hosted by CBeyond Inc, an Atlanta-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) owned by Birch Communications.

The log file information includes the following information about visitors to our Website:

In the normal course of our business, we access this log file to analyze its content. The log information is used to help us improve the presentation of our services to our website visitors.

Information on Confidentiality

When communicating with us please be aware that sending an ordinary email over the in unencrypted form carries a level of risk. Confidential information sent to us in this way is entirely at the sender’s discretion.

In certain sections of our Website, visitors are prompted to contact us through Calls to Action leading to online forms. Form data is submitted to us via the “http” protocol which is encrypted and therefore considered secure. As an additional layer of protection for people using our website forms, these forms request only the most basic information about our visitors.

Prior Consent

VPTax will not share visitor-submitted information to any other party or organization except for the general purpose of website performance analysis.

Visitor Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy while visiting our website, please contact us.