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Transfer Pricing isn’t Tax Hocus Pocus

Tom Brehmer International Tax, Tax Planning, Tax Services, Tax Strategy, Taxing Times

It’s complicated. Here’s why. It’s about measurement and movement of value from one legal jurisdiction to another. It’s about addressing the tax implications attached to the values by each jurisdiction. It’s about planning for where you need cash. Moreover, it’s about understanding why you’re doing it. If you’re already doing business in multiple countries and want to establish appropriate pricing, …


Governments Around the World
 Taking Aim at International Tax Structures

Todd Suchevits International Tax

As tax professionals here in Silicon Valley, we’ve been dealing with the world of international tax structures for quite some time. 

As far back as December 1996, when the Internal Revenue Service began allowing taxpayers, in certain situations, to choose how they would like to be taxed for US federal income tax purposes, we have seen an increase in structuring …