Tax Tips & Triage – The “Wayfair” Case

Todd Suchevits Sales Tax, Tax Planning, Tax Strategy

SCOTUS Decided! But what does “Quill” or “Wayfair” Even Mean? I’m sure your email has been deluged with talk of “SCOTUS” deciding for “South Dakota” and against “Wayfair”, meaning that “Quill” has been overturned – and that “online retailers” beware! But what does all this really mean? Considering the shift from brick and mortar to online retail, states have been …

My Experience at VPTax

It’s a Different Experience Working at VPTax

Linnet Wong Income Tax, Property Tax, Sales Tax, Tax Services

I’d spent 13 years working at Big 4 and national CPA firms, but my eyes were opened when I joined VPTax three months ago. It didn’t take long to realize VPTax is much different than traditional accounting firms. It starts with its hands-on focus with employees. While VPTax doesn’t have a formal work/life balance program, we work in a fun …