What Your Doctor And Accountant Have In Common

  • Published: April 28, 2015 — 6:19 am

In 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Seems just as true today as when Ben said it originally.

Today, with the volume of available diagnostic information on the internet, many individuals self-diagnose. Someone starts feeling bad and they immediately go online to see what they are dying from. Were it not for the primary care physicians who regularly pull patients back from the ledge, who knows how much time and money would be wasted?

Tax management is very similar, except where are the primary care accountants? Without a trusted tax advisor who doesn’t stand to benefit financially from every study, companies pour tens of thousands of dollars into projects that have little chance of meaningful success. After all, shouldn’t spending on tax management have a measurable return on investment?

Next time Big Accounting tries to sell you a study, think about your Doctor.

Then call VPTax, your Tax Director down the hall.