It’s a Different Experience Working at VPTax

  • Published: May 28, 2014 — 8:32 am

I’d spent 13 years working at Big 4 and national CPA firms, but my eyes were opened when I joined VPTax three months ago. It didn’t take long to realize VPTax is much different than traditional accounting firms.

It starts with its hands-on focus with employees. While VPTax doesn’t have a formal work/life balance program, we work in a fun environment where employees are encouraged to enjoy the projects they are working on and take on new challenges to build a well-rounded experience.

At VPTax, I’m expanding my knowledge of international, state and local income tax. I’m learning about sales and use tax as well as property tax. My clients are learning to trust me as their Tax Director. I’ve never had client relationships like this before, where I really am a trusted advocate and adviser. It’s unbelievably rewarding to have clients thanking me for doing a great job.

Our relationships at VPTax are different because we don’t make selling our primary focus. Instead, VPTax helps guide each of our clients through their unique tax issues. This practice contrasts with the traditional accounting firms that are often so focused on employee utilization, revenue and growth that they sometimes forget that each client is different and that you really can’t just sell the cookie-cutter project du jour to every client.

I feel fortunate to work at a firm that lives up to its promises about excellent client service and high employee satisfaction. I’m also finding that mentality, in turn, leads to loyal clients and engaged employees.