Why was VPTax originally formed?

  • Published: January 16, 2019 — 10:04 pm

Way back in 1991 we saw a gap in the market for outsourced tax services. At the large end was Big Accounting. Their expertise was broad and deep, but sometimes lacked the agility their customers needed.

At the small end were local and regional firms. Although they were more affordable, they often had the same people covering tax and accounting, which put limits on the levels of expertise they could provide.

At the national level, there was good depth and breadth but consistency varied greatly from office to office.

VPTax was conceived as better customer experience, akin to having a Tax Director down the hall. We are Tax Directors, not an accounting firm. Our ‘Tax Director down the Hall’ operating model has attracted companies at every stage of business development from pre-revenue startups to mature profitable companies.