What should be top of mind when selecting a tax provider?

  • Published: January 16, 2019 — 10:06 pm

Communication: Straight talk is a must. Don’t waste your time with a Tax Provider who doesn’t actively engage with you. If you aren’t getting actionable answers to your questions, move on.

Relevant Experience: Unless you want your money to go to training low-to-mid level staff at your tax provider, find someone who has actually done the work before. Ask for qualifications and a list of clients who are similar to you. Hands-on experience is a must-have in this business.

Personal Chemistry: Let’s face it – taxes will always be painful but your tax professional doesn’t need to be. Find someone with whom you connect; someone you respect… and who respects you.

Advocacy: Advocacy is nearly a lost art. In today’s world of CYA advisory, look for someone who recognizes YOUR risk/reward ratio and advises you accordingly.

Wisdom: An intangible asset – difficult to gauge but critical to your success. If possible, get some references.