Delaware Companies Need to Act Now for the March 1st Tax Deadline

  • Published: February 25, 2015 — 7:10 am

Did you know that March 1st might be a big deadline for you regarding your taxes? This deadline is not extended because March 1st falls on a Sunday.

If your company is incorporated in Delaware and has domestic or foreign subsidiaries there, you may be overpaying on your Delaware Franchise Tax!

Here’s some critical information you need to know…

  • All members of a group of companies who are individually incorporated in Delaware must file and pay separately.
  • Many large accounting firms are unaware of the nuances of these laws.
  • If you overpaid last year (and you might have) you only have until March 1, 2015, to amend and claim your refund.

As you can see, time is of the essence.

The good news is that at VPTax, we have detailed knowledge of Delaware tax laws and federal tax laws and that information could save you thousands.

Now might be the perfect time to reach out to your Tax Director down the hall.

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