Breadth of tax due diligence – VPTax covers all of it

  • Published: July 30, 2021 — 3:44 pm

“Due diligence.” The words alone sound painful to most founders and execs at startups and scale-ups. They conjure visions of digging into departments, processes, and transactions you have to know about, whether they were under your control or not. It’s the rigor and detail of diligence, and it’s due—due as in it really must be done, no way around it and very much expected of you, and due as in must be done by a certain day on the calendar.

So no, you’re not alone. Due diligence may quicken the hearts of accountants and auditors, but not creatives, entrepreneurs, people who have a business to run. When questions lead to more questions, and data requests lead to more data requests, due diligence is the time-consuming and worrisome process that is the other side of the coin on the things you really want, like an M&A deal or a new round of equity funding.

VPTax knows all this. We are tax people, but we’re business tax people. Our job and our mission are to get you through due diligence quickly and easily so you can keep your focus on running your business—recruiting talent, developing products, finding markets, winning deals.

VPTax’s Annual Service Questionnaire, the “ASQ” to our clients, is your comprehensive online tax due diligence checklist. Your dedicated Tax Director works with you to identify and investigate all the transactions pertaining to your tax return, plus delve into other tax areas to ensure we have a full understanding of your business’ potential exposure areas should you enter into a due diligence process during the year.

Your Tax Director is available to you any time you want to consult with us or work on other tax compliance issues—but the TRQ means if we only speak with you once a year about income taxes we’re ready to support you by being on top of sales tax and VAT, property taxes, employee classification, intercompany transaction documentation and support—and on and on.

VPTax clients are diligence ready, at least on taxes, at the drop of a hat.  VPTax covers “Everything Tax” so you can rest easy and take your business where it needs to go knowing your growth won’t cause due diligence headaches.