We offer an alternative model to traditional broad-scope accounting firms.

differences you will notice with VPTax


We are tax directors, not an accounting firm.

“VPTax are much more responsive than a large accounting firm. When I call one of the principals at VPTax, I get immediate answers. I don’t get passed off to a manager or review partner as at some other firms.”Tim Gray, Controller - Envivio


We don’t obstruct. We advocate.

“VPTax showed particular skill in negotiating with, and forging consensus among, all our advisors.”Jeff Mack, CFO - Enobia


Our staff likes working here, so you’ll work with the same VPTax people year after year!

“With a large audit firm, the lower levels of people, the ones you see most often, are changing all the time. With VPTax we don’t have that.”Dave Satterfield, Director of Finance - OptiMedica


We are results-oriented. Our skill set includes using a telephone to solve the problem!

“VPTax Principal Tom Brehmer brought common sense leadership into a technical world. He not only met the technical requirements in all regards, he made it so I could understand and communicate the principal issues to others in a clear and understandable manner.”Jeff Mack, CFO - Enobia


We cooperate with your auditors.
But we’ll tell You what we think!

“For Exponential, an outsourced Tax Director is the right model. VPTax helps us get our heads around complex tax issues, and their support has enabled us to go from being reactive to being proactive on the tax front.”John Rettig, CFO - Exponential Interactive


You won’t need to train us. We’ve been there.

“VPTax has the technical abilities to understand and explain complex issues and make sure we have the correct structures in place.”Tim Gray, Controller - Envivio


Your time is valued.
Your questions get answered, not turned into projects.

“VPTax have a lot of experience and skills dealing with a wide range of issues, and get back to me right away whenever I have questions.”Paul Trower, VP and Controller - Incyte

Taxes?? Haven’t you got better things to do?

Get a professional Tax Director down the hall. Contact VPTax.

More questions? VPTax has the answers.

Questions about VPTax or Questions about Your Taxes.

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