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Tax Costs… Are You Seeing the Bigger Picture?

Tom Brehmer Project Management Triangle, Tax Planning, Tax Services, Tax Strategy

Ever heard of the project management triangle? Ever thought about business taxation in the context of project management? No? Why not? Taxes are a cost of doing business, no more, no less. For real! The three sides of the project management triangle are cost, time and scope. (Yes, scope, not quality. We’ll assume when it comes to taxes, quality is …

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Why You May Be Repeating Past Tax Mistakes

Tom Brehmer Corporate Tax, Tax Strategy, Taxing Times

What does an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure mean in the context of corporate tax? Pretty simple, it means planning. The shareholders expect management to have a tax strategy and to execute on it. The problem is there are as many tax strategies as there are businesses! Here’s an example… One company wants effective tax rate …