Audit Committees play a crucial role in advising on financial and tax policies, recommendations, and strategies, but Audit Committees may have members who are not tax or finance experts.

Audit Committees appreciate the input of third party experts for an independent point of view. VPTax directors help your management team advise and consult with the Audit Committee.

Our knowledge and experience working with Audit Committees enables us to forge good working relationships, keep all parties well-informed and working as a team.

Audit Committee Advisory


Income Tax

Tax return preparation is the core of our business.

We can prepare federal and state income tax returns for most business entities in 10 days, guaranteed.

If you need a tax provision, VPTax will prepare your return and interface with your auditors to ensure timely and correct reporting. We will integrate the tax return preparation with the provision to minimize the impact on you and your staff.

Our unique Dredge™ process ensures a quality product on a timely basis for a reasonable cost.

Besides identifying and quantifying reporting issues, the Dredge identifies tax incentives and tax-planning opportunities.

Our tax directors each have over 20 years’ experience serving start-ups, multi-national and multi-state corporations as well as everything in between.

We keep it as simple as possible, focusing on those things that matter and not wasting your time.

Our service is personal. Our staff doesn’t turnover annually, so your team will get to know our team. Our customers say this continuity is invaluable to them.



An effective sales and use tax strategy is invaluable for companies of all sizes. Shortcomings in this area can result in significant (and avoidable) taxes and penalties.

VPTax’s Sales and Use Tax Compliance and Consulting services helps companies with all of your sales and use tax needs, for example:

  • System Setup: Our sales tax professionals help our clients set up their ERP systems to properly collect and report information. We work with your IT professionals to fully automate processes, and we provide monthly or quarterly rate updates to ensure that you collect and remit the correct taxes.

  • Tax Returns: We process returns for all jurisdictions, and deliver soft copy documents and instructions for return filing and tax payments on a monthly basis.

  • Accounting for Sales/Use Taxes: VPTax assists you with the maintenance of proper general ledger accounting for sales and use taxation.

  • Nexus Study/Registrations: We can help you determine where your company is taxable and provide registration or withdrawal services.

  • Representation: Management of sales and use tax inquiries can be critical to the outcome of your audit. VPTax regularly provides representation and consulting services to our clients.

Sales and Use Tax Compliance and Consulting


International Tax Consulting

VPTax advises on international tax structures designed by international law and accounting firms. We stress basics like return on investment, foreign exchange and where a company wants to accumulate cash.

We listen to what our clients tell us about their business goals, then we help them understand the tax implications of their international business and the pros and cons of various alternatives.

Once a structure is adopted, we facilitate implementation. We interface with the necessary parties to ensure that the structure gets properly implemented at a reasonable cost and within the desired timeline.

We also advise on less-glamorous international taxes, such as VAT and GST.

Our clients appreciate the value of staying out of trouble with domestic filing requirements for foreign business activities.


Tax audits are expensive for taxpayers and lucrative for tax advisors. They never seem to end. VPTax can’t stop the Internal Revenue Service or the various state agencies, but we can help minimize the grief.

VPTax will help you understand your options and drive examinations to closure while achieving your goals.

Whether it’s federal or state income, sales and use or property tax examinations, we have tax directors whose sole job is to work with government inquiries and examinations. Our experts have decades of experience with audits.

Because we are not attorneys, there are times we advise clients to engage legal counsel. We protect our clients’ rights by keeping examiners within their authority.

Controversy Services and Support


Property Tax Compliance and Consulting

Your company might have property tax obligations and not even know it. It’s a situation we see a lot of. Our Property Tax Compliance and Consulting services will ensure that you stay on top of your property taxes.
We offer property tax services to a wide range of our clients, and in a number of different capacities, including:

  • Property Tax Returns: VPTax prepares property tax returns for customers maintaining property all across the country. VPTax’s experienced property tax professionals ensure that complete and accurate returns save you time and money vs. trying to do your property tax returns in-house.

  • Fixed Asset Records: Your company’s fixed assets including office equipment, computers, etc., are subject to property tax. Unsurprisingly, companies aren’t always aware of the details. VPTax helps keeps your company in compliance with all the latest rulings and laws.

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