Your company is constantly evolving.

You need a Tax Provider who isn’t stuck in a time warp.


When decision-makers at large companies look for a tax provider they have 3 priorities:

1. Lower Costs
2. Reputation
3. Responsiveness

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    The priorities of our large customers don’t change much over time. Neither do their contacts at VPTax. Large companies love the consistency of staff at VPTax.

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      In our projects we’re always on the lookout for a good low-cost alternative to the Big 4.
      VPTax is our first call.


      As your business grows, the role of your Tax Provider evolves too.

      Our customers use our services in varying proportions, depending on their company’s size.







      VPTax has been doing multi-state/multi-national returns for longer than anyone on my staff. Why wouldn’t we have them do ours?


      The slider below shows some examples of VPTax’s role in Large Companies.

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      We can trust VPTax to structure and manage any tax project to completion.


      VPTax was engaged to prepare 2004 income tax returns. This company acquired the operations of another company and instantly had headcount in 30 states and revenues in excess of $60 million.

      VPTax prepared all tax returns, all financial statement tax disclosures, prepared all property tax and sales tax returns and consulted regarding international tax implications to business operations in multiple countries. We developed internal processes for collecting and maintaining data in support of the research tax credit. We completed numerous evaluations of ownership change activity to determine limits on availability of tax attribute carry forwards.

      After several years, the client had a successful initial public offering as well as a secondary offering. There were no issues on the filing with regard to tax and state registration issues. VPTax performed due diligence on several acquisitions and provided necessary tax consultation and reporting. In 2011, the company changed Big 4 audit firms. VPTax transitioned and worked with the new auditor.

      In late 2011 when the company was doing approximately $350 million in revenue, they hired their first internal tax person and gradually began to transition the tax work from VPTax to in-house.

      VPTax was engaged by the Director of Tax to process the federal and state income tax returns. This company had revenues of approximately $500 million.

      We were hired in 2008 and prepared the 2008 and 2009 federal and state income tax returns. We call this service our “typewriter service”. We work with the tax department and take the information they provide and put it into the tax returns. The value-add of this service is that we can provide a high quality end product at significantly less cost than the Big 4 firms and inject more structure into the process than an in-house tax department can do.

      Typically, for companies who prepare returns in house, they have to license the software, which is expensive and very difficult to use. They usually have an inexperienced user driving the software so the process is less efficient than it could be. Very often tax departments have headcount limitations. Using an outsourced service gets around this issue.

      VPTax has provided this service to 10 companies during the last 20 years.

      This particular company uses VPTax for spot projects. We prepare their foreign bank account reports. We prepare returns for companies they acquire as well as certain studies that they cannot get done as quickly by the Big 4.

      VPTax has all the technical abilities to supplement the internal resources of our Tax Department.

      Mergers & Acquisitions


      Resource allocation is an issue in most tax departments. Headcount constraints may force in-house tax personnel to ask an accounting firm or a law firm for assistance with due diligence projects. These projects can be expensive and lack follow-through.

      VPTax provides turn-key acquisition assistance. A seasoned team performs a thorough analysis of a target company’s tax positions, including income taxes, sales and use taxes, property taxes and payroll taxes. Our acquisition service is thorough, including preparation of all current and delinquent filings as well as current and delinquent analyses, IRC Section 382 and credit incentive studies.

      To wrap it up, we also give you a comprehensive report that integrates pre-acquisition due diligence with post-acquisition implementation.

      VPTax does a great job on time and on Budget

      Get a Professional Tax Director Down the hall.


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