Growth companies pick VPTax for 3 main reasons (in this order):

1. Lower Costs
2. Reputation
3. Expertise

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    When Growth companies are evolving at a high rate of speed they like to know that their tax providers don’t need an annual orientation.

    Other VPTax tax qualities earn praise as our customers get to know us:

    1. Responsiveness
    2. Proactivity
    3. Hand holding (sounding board on all tax matters)

    Take away: Most Growth companies engaged us because of price, but they have stayed with us because of value.

    Hover over each segment to see percentages.

      We already knew VPTax was cheaper. We discovered they’re better.


      As your business grows, the role of your Tax Provider evolves too.

      Our customers use our services in varying proportions, depending on their company’s size.







      With VPTax we get a significant cost advantage over traditional accounting firms but their range of services is the same.


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      As our business grew in complexity, our tax exposures moved far beyond income taxes alone. VPTax just took those changes on without missing a beat.


      This customer hired VPTax in 2012 because we were “cheaper” than the competition. US company was a wholly owned subsidiary of foreign company. US subsidiary had been formed in 2009 and had never filed US income tax returns. The company intended to do an inversion (create a top US holding company) to access US capital markets and needed to clean things up.

      They engaged a Big 4 firm to audit 2010, 2011 and 2012. VPTax prepared all delinquent tax returns, interfacing directly with taxing authorities on the company’s behalf. We prepared income tax provisions (financial statement disclosures) for the three audit years for US company and the worldwide consolidated group, on both a US GAAP and IFRS basis. We prepared four years of transfer pricing entries and three years of property tax filings. All this occurred within two to three months.

      Following this we became increasingly involved with the company. Their product development group engaged VPTax to integrate certain tax considerations into their products.

      This company is a professional services firm headquartered in CA with offices and personnel in several other states. They file income tax returns in virtually every state and several countries.

      They engaged VPTax in 1994. Several years later, the company was sold to a Fortune 1000 company. Some years later management repurchased the company and re-engaged with VPTax.

      We have prepared federal, Canadian and state returns for many years. We have been around longer than current management. We prepare financial disclosures for their financial statements.

      The company has acquired several subsidiaries. We have consulted on the structuring and engaged with outside professionals to accomplish the transactions.

      We regularly consult on foreign issues as the company has recently expanded into many foreign countries.

      This eight year old company engaged VPTax in 2001 after the issuance of Series D preferred shares. The company was based locally but expanding sales activities nationwide. We provided tax return preparation services and advisory services on research credits, implications of ownership changes, etc.

      The Company was acquired in 2005 by a foreign conglomerate. The VP of Tax for the acquirer came to the US and met with VPTax. He was sufficiently impressed with our expertise that he engaged VPTax to function as his US tax department for not only this company but other US subsidiaries based on the east coast.

      VPTax assisted him with cleaning up a number of US and multi-state filing issues for the US affiliates including the preparation of income tax returns for post-acquisition years. In 2007, the foreign parent was acquired by another foreign entity and the US operations merged with the US operations of the new foreign parent. For several years subsequent to this second acquisition, VPTax provided assistance to the acquirer for matters identified and managed pre-merger.

      This company hired VPTax (formerly EricThomas) in 1994 because we were cheaper than the Big 4 firm with whom they were working. VPTax provided income tax return preparation and income tax provision services for 20 years. We worked with their audit firm for all these years.

      During this period, we worked with three different CFOs and 2 different CEOs. VPTax was the constant. During the last three years, we also prepared sales and use tax returns for them. This company filed tax returns in about 15 states annually. In 2013, a new CFO brought in his own team and bid a warm goodbye to VPTax.

      Our expansion nationally and internationally created a major tax headache. VPTax was our aspirin.

      Mergers & Acquisitions

      You don’t want surprises when doing your acquisition deal. You need a seasoned advocate on your side!


      Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, the last thing you want when doing an M&A deal is a surprise. It’s wise to have an experienced party making sure you get it right.

      If you’re a seller, you might have relied until now on your outside accounting firm for income taxes and you’ve managed all other taxes in-house. Can you be sure that your tax status is acquisition compliant? Whether you’re doing business in one state, across the US or around the world, there are countless tax requirements in countless jurisdictions. VPTax Directors have first-hand experience managing tax with the exit strategy in mind!

      If you’re a buyer, you sure don’t want to get stuck with someone else’s problems. Get the target company’s tax exposures quantified by someone who can put them in the context of your business priorities. Make sure that your experts can deliver a complete report and articulate a comprehensive strategy for integrating pre-acquisition due diligence… with post-acquisition implementation.

      Who can do all this? VPTax can, and does.

      VPTax has worked on both sides of the merger and acquisition street. They know what’s required, and that means a lot to us.

      Your Taxes in 10 Days Guaranteed

      Tax return preparation is the core of our business.

      We can prepare federal and state income tax returns for business entities in 10 days, guaranteed.

      If you need a tax provision, VPTax will prepare your return and interface with your auditors to ensure timely and correct reporting. We will integrate the tax return preparation with the provision to minimize the impact on you and your staff.

      Our unique Dredge™ process ensures a quality product on a timely basis for a reasonable cost.

      Besides identifying and quantifying reporting issues, the Dredge identifies tax incentives and tax-planning opportunities.

      Our tax directors each have over 20 years’ experience serving start-ups, multi-nationals and multi-state corporations as well as everything in between.

      We keep it as simple as possible, focusing on those things that matter and not wasting your time.

      Our service is personal. Our staff doesn’t turnover annually, so your team will get to know our team. Our customers tell us this continuity is invaluable to them.


      As a CFO I appreciate a Tax Provider who works efficiently and knows how to keep the auditors and tax lawyers happy. That’s VPTax.

      Get a Professional Tax Director Down the hall.


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