Entrepreneurial and Start-up companies choose VPTax for 3 reasons:

1. Affordable Costs

2. Hand holding (a reliable sounding board)

3. Responsiveness

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    As our working relationship develops, Early-Stage companies find other attributes of VPTax which they value highly.

    These qualities are:

    1. Depth of Expertise

    2. Proactivity

    3. Staff Consistency.

    Take away: Most Early Stage Companies choose us because of price, but they stay with VPTax because of value.

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      We already knew VPTax was cheaper. We discovered they’re better.


      As your business grows, the role of your Tax Provider evolves too.

      Our customers use our services in varying proportions, depending on their company’s size.







      VPTax doesn’t just do our taxes, they also explain them… in crayon.


      The slider below shows some examples of VPTax’s role in Early Stage companies.

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      We like the flexibility of VPTax – they safeguard our best interests and are always available when we need them.


      Our relationship with this company began in 2005. They hired us originally as a start-up with Series A financing. The main reason they hired VPTax was that they had operations in India and needed a firm with international tax experience. At this point, the bookkeeper was part time and had no knowledge of separate entity accounting. We tried to persuade them to set up and maintain separate books for the US and India with the appropriate inter-company pricing.

      In 2014, the company was sold to a Fortune 500 company. VPTax interfaced directly with the acquirer on diligence matters and defused an otherwise difficult situation because the acquiring company was having difficulty understanding the books.

      VPTax was able to demonstrate that even though the internal books were very hard to decipher, the tax filings were up to date and correct.

      This company started with VPTax in 2013 after completion of their Series A financing. When we first met with their CEO, he felt that he knew everything he needed to know and that he was being adequately serviced. He was unreceptive to our pitch. After we got back to the office and did some preliminary work to determine what services to recommend.

      We discovered that the corporation had been forfeited by DE meaning the business was operating without corporate protection. We notified the CEO of the problem and politely pointed out that his prior tax and legal professionals had let him down rather badly. He thanked us and told us he would work with his prior provider to fix the problem.

      In the interim we received inquiries from his Human Resources person regarding prior year payroll problems. We agreed to meet again with the HR person to discuss. At the meeting, the CEO was in attendance and his demeanor had changed significantly. He agreed to engage us as his tax department.

      At our initial meeting to prepare the tax return, we conducted our Annual Service Agreement interview with the CEO. He was very excited about the discussion indicating that we were asking all the right questions which he’d never before been asked by his tax professionals. We now enjoy a great relationship with him as we work through ongoing growth and tax issues.

      2013 was this company’s first year in business. In January 2014, VPTax met with a founder at their office in SF. At the meeting, we prepared and filed the DE Franchise Tax, registered them for SF Business License and gathered information to prepare the 2013 federal and CA returns. We were able to handle everything related to tax in the initial meeting. Copies of tax returns were filed within 10 working days.

      This allowed them to focus on the business rather than tax. They knew they had someone to turn to, should the need ever arise. They signed a two year agreement with VPTax with ½ of the first year fee deferred to the second year.

      Mergers & Acquisitions

      You don’t want surprises when doing your acquisition deal. You need a seasoned advocate on your side!


      Entrepreneurs and Early Stage Business Owners

      Is your business Acquisition-ready?

      You’ve taken steps to protect your intellectual property. You’ve attracted and retained top talent. You’ve spent heavily on lawyers to set up your company and draft stock compensation plans. Are you still relying on a bookkeeper to keep you in tax compliance?

      Young businesses are getting acquired faster than ever before … if they’re ready.

      Buyers want your IP. Poor tax management probably won’t stop your from being acquired, but it will delay closure and can be expensive. VPTax is the seasoned Tax Director on your team – someone who’s been on a due diligence team and knows where your company needs to focus its tax efforts. You don’t have to waste time and money on things that don’t matter. VPTax will ensure you’re ready for that big opportunity whenever it comes knocking.

      VPTax has worked on both sides of the merger and acquisition street. They know what’s required, and that means a lot to us.

      Your Taxes in 10 Days Guaranteed

      Tax return preparation is the core of our business.

      We can prepare federal and state income tax returns for business entities in 10 days, guaranteed.

      If you need a tax provision, VPTax will prepare your return and interface with your auditors to ensure timely and correct reporting. We will integrate the tax return preparation with the provision to minimize the impact on you and your staff.

      Our unique Dredge™ process ensures a quality product on a timely basis for a reasonable cost.

      Besides identifying and quantifying reporting issues, the Dredge identifies tax incentives and tax-planning opportunities.

      Our tax directors each have over 20 years’ experience serving start-ups, multi-national and multi-state corporations as well as everything in between.

      We keep it as simple as possible, focusing on those things that matter and not wasting your time.

      Our service is personal. Our staff doesn’t turnover annually, so your team will get to know our team. Our customers say this continuity is invaluable to them.


      VPTax are innovators, just like us. It’s so refreshing to work with thinkers.

      Get a Professional Tax Director Down the hall.


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