Everything we do boils down to either:

1. Tax returns or

2. Tax advice.

Although these are not mutually exclusive activities, we price them differently. It works like this:

Tax Returns

You’ll be happy to know that in the world of VPTax our preparation of your tax return is not priced as an open-ended service. To us, tax return preparation is the delivery of a finished product. Consequently, VPTax will quote you a fixed fee for your tax return preparation with no “gotchas”.


We are able to quote returns instantly based on specific metrics. We’ll ask you to provide us with your revenues, expenses, number of legal entities, domestic and foreign, and the number of states in which you file. Then we’ll tell you the cost to prepare your income tax returns.

It’s our responsibility to properly quote on your tax returns and to perform the service profitably. As you can tell, we’re good at this.

Sales tax returns are quoted based on the states and frequency of filings.

Tax Advice

Tax advice is invoiced on an hourly basis at billing rates which are commensurate with the most appropriate level of experience of the VPTax professional.

Our billing rates are lower than big firm rates and are in line with most local accounting firms. As professional Tax Directors our people have significantly more relevant experience than your traditional providers. We’ve done it many times before, which means we spend less time getting your answers. Less time > Less Cost > Better Value.

Value-Added Tax Return Preparation

What’s our secret to providing better value? Our tax return preparation process is supercharged. Our process combines the personal touch of an experienced Tax Director with a virtuoso command of our tax software technology. You get a top quality tax return with the added extras of proactive tax management and advice.


How do we do it for less

The accounting firms which serve our market are principally audit firms. For audit firms, tax services are ancillary totheir core audit business. Audit firms are indemnified against the inherent risks of their audit business. They must incur substantial insurance costs. Tax firms have significantly less risk and are therefore not burdened with such high costs. Our lower insurance bill allows us to bill you at a lower rate than an audit firm.

Accounting firms tend to use tax return preparation as a training ground for future partners. This practice is sometimes referred to as the ‘up or out’ approach to training. The cost of this training model is often borne by clients in unnecessary (inefficient) hours billed. VPTax does not subscribe to this model. Instead your taxes are prepared by experienced professionals who know our technology tools from the inside out.

Another source of savings for you is that VPTax spends less on office real estate. We may not have the most impressive views from our partners’ offices but you don’t have to pay for them either.

In summary, what you get from VPTax is a highly efficient assembly line to build your tax returns, applying technology and well-trained personnel to oversee each step in our process. This refined process manages timeliness, consistency and cost.

And don’t forget that all VPTax professionals are business people who have walked in your shoes. Their front line perspective means they “get” your cost vs. benefit metrics.

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