Building a Career at VPTax

Building a Satisfying Sales Tax Career

Alex Peter Careers

I can’t say enough about how working at VPTax is like a breath of fresh air.

After five years in a corporate sales tax department and two years as a sales tax consultant with a major firm, I recently joined VPTax. I can already tell that working here is different from either prior experience. VPTax gives me the freedom, as well as the resources, to increase my understanding of sales and to learn about how transaction tax considerations relate to other financial and tax matters. I am learning about unclaimed property, property tax and payroll tax.

The VPTax mandate allows me to interact directly with clients and encourages me to make time to listen and understand what each client really needs. The firm’s hands-on approach ensures that I not only help clients understand and plan for sales tax, but that I’m also there when they need help with implementations and the inevitable exception to the general rule.

At VPTax I am not just working, I am encouraged to build a satisfying career. The firm supports my involvement in the Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT). And VPTax has outstanding internal training programs that allow me to cross-train in other tax fields. This additional knowledge facilitates my ability to understand and cater to my clients’ needs.

VPTax is also different because it is truly a client-focused firm. I take great satisfaction in turning complex tax topics into simple, straightforward explanations and options for my clients. I deeply value my role as a trusted adviser, helping my clients make tax decisions that will best support their business needs. The compliments and smiles of relief I get from my clients show me that doing things a little differently is leading to great results.

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