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Transfer Pricing isn’t Tax Hocus Pocus

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It’s complicated. Here’s why. It’s about measurement and movement of value from one legal jurisdiction to another. It’s about addressing the tax implications attached to the values by each jurisdiction. It’s about planning for where you need cash. Moreover, it’s about understanding why you’re doing it. If you’re already doing business in multiple countries and want to establish appropriate pricing, …

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What Your Doctor And Accountant Have In Common

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In 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote “‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Seems just as true today as when Ben said it originally. Today, with the volume of available diagnostic information on the internet, many individuals self-diagnose. Someone starts feeling bad and they immediately go online to see what they are dying from. …

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Why You May Be Repeating Past Tax Mistakes

Tom Brehmer Corporate Tax, Tax Strategy, Taxing Times

What does an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure mean in the context of corporate tax? Pretty simple, it means planning. The shareholders expect management to have a tax strategy and to execute on it. The problem is there are as many tax strategies as there are businesses! Here’s an example… One company wants effective tax rate …

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Delaware Companies Need to Act Now for the March 1st Tax Deadline

Tom Brehmer Delaware Franchise Tax, Delaware Tax Code

Did you know that March 1st might be a big deadline for you regarding your taxes? This deadline is not extended because March 1st falls on a Sunday. If your company is incorporated in Delaware and has domestic or foreign subsidiaries there, you may be overpaying on your Delaware Franchise Tax! Here’s some critical information you need to know… All …

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How to Know When You Need a Tax Director

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Does your business plan include a tax strategy? Probably not. Should it? Maybe. Whether you’ve done it before or are starting a business for the first time, entrepreneurship is a challenge: You’re building a new process, product or service. You’re writing business plans, developing power point presentations and spreadsheets. You’re meeting with lawyers to protect your IP, bookkeepers to track …


Governments Around the World
 Taking Aim at International Tax Structures

Todd Suchevits International Tax

As tax professionals here in Silicon Valley, we’ve been dealing with the world of international tax structures for quite some time. 

As far back as December 1996, when the Internal Revenue Service began allowing taxpayers, in certain situations, to choose how they would like to be taxed for US federal income tax purposes, we have seen an increase in structuring …