Stop Thinking In Absolutes, It’s All About Scope!

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We have previously shared our thoughts about the meaning of two sides of the project management triangle, cost and time. Now we’ll tackle the third, scope. Yes, scope, not quality. If you thought you memorized the triangle differently in school, you’re probably right. But that was school. This is the real world. If your product or service doesn’t live up …


Attention Start-Ups: Extended R&D Credit Has Unexpected Use

Tom Brehmer Income Tax, Tax Services, Tax Strategy

There’s a newly refreshed federal R&D tax credit waiting for you to take advantage of and I wanted to get you up to speed on it. The research & development tax credit has now been made permanent. The changes take effect immediately. For many start-ups and small businesses, this means you can use this credit to off-set payroll taxes. You see, …

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A Year-End Tax Planning Solution That Works

Tom Brehmer Tax Planning, Tax Services, Tax Strategy

For years, the biggest complaint we’ve heard from prospective clients is that they weren’t getting pro-active tax planning from their tax advisor. This was often the driving reason for a change. But, there are as many definitions of pro-active planning as there are prospective clients. Everybody has their own expectations based on their individual needs. This diversity of expectations, and …


The United States Needs to Pass Legislation to Keep Research & Development in this Country

Tom Phalen Tax Strategy, Taxing Times

U.S. Research and development is key to development of new and improved products from the Apple watch to the latest vacuum cleaner. The U.S. was one of the first countries to grant favorable tax treatment for research and development performed in the U.S. Since then most of our trading partners grant similar R&D incentives (tax credits and additional tax deductions) …